About Us

Flavor Insights got its start well before it was founded. The Pickett Family, Greg Pickett (father), Nikki Brown (daughter), and Michael Pickett (son), used their passion for protein architecture and taste to formulate Muscle Milk. A leader in protein and sports nutrition flavors, it was acquired by Hormel in 2014.

However, the journey to that sale was filled with lots of “figuring it out.” How do you take an idea and turn it into a beverage business?

From the outside it may seem that it happened overnight. Yet, it took Greg’s 50 years of experience in product formulation and protein architecture, plus 20 years of building a protein brand to be among the largest in the ready-to-drink protein beverage market. That’s why, after the sale, the Pickett Family set out to create a flavor development company that does things differently.

Enter: Flavor Insights

Our team—from the Pickett family, to all of our flavor development specialists, analytical team, and sales team—is passionate about the world of flavor. We are here to guide you through the process, understand your customers’ lifestyle trends, define product ideas, reformulate, test, and help you launch a successful product. We offer more than just great flavor. We offer a full flavor development package.

Finding the right flavor house can be hard. Finding one that can help you grow your business is even harder.

We are here to change that. We created Flavor Insights because we’ve been on the brand side. Right where you are now. Your hustle is our hustle.

Join Our Team

Interested in a flavor career? You have great taste!

We are always adding to our team. Please reach out to taste@flavorinsights.com for more information.