A part of the citron family, yuzu citrus is making a name for itself popping up on restaurant menus and in a growing number of product launches. It is a perfect flavor for functional beverages, pre-workout drinks and energy drinks as slightly floral aroma is enticing, and its zesty flavor is incredibly refreshing.  

Originating in Yangtze River Region in China, this tangerine sized citrus fruit has a bright, citrusy profile that is a balanced combination between grapefruit and lemon [1]. This aromatic citrus made its way to Japan through the Korean Peninsula and is one of Japan’s favorite fruits. Its “low and slow” method of growing means the trees can take 15-20 years before they have fruit [1]. The fruit is often harvest in November to December [2]. 

Yuzu has a range of health benefits from more Vitamin C than a lemon, flavonoids that have been shown to be powerful antioxidants, and collagen that can help rejuvenate maturing skin [2]. The various parts of the fruit, from the seeds to the essential oils in the peel, have been used for thousands of years. They have added value in the form of medicine, cosmetics and of course, food [3].  

According to Food & Beverage Insider, Yuzu has seen a 49% growth in google searches in 2021. More people are talking about this great tangy and versatile flavor than ever in the US. Some notable beverage categories with launches last year are seltzers, RTD teas, RTD cocktails, and energy drinks. In food categories, yuzu is a spotlight in vinaigrettes, ice cream, cake mixes and even chicken breast bites. According to Innova Market Insights, North America saw about 56 product launches and 236 product launches globally [4]. This number is expected to rise this coming year with the consumer shift on health and wellness. 

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