OUTDOORx connected with the Flavor Insights team at an outdoor retailer show in Denver, Colorado. The goal of the project was to explore a sports nutrition set and potentially find a concept that could be brought to market. The Flavor Insights team had an opportunity for complete creative control. After a thorough ideation process, the OUTDOORx team was enthused by the presentation and sold the idea to their constituents. For them, it was important to find a partner they trusted completely, as the beverage space was an area that was new to them. Throughout the entirety of the project, the Flavor Insights team has touched each step from concept to commercialization. The team has become an ongoing development partner and acts as an extension of the OUTDOORx team. Flavor Insights has enjoyed sharing their extensive knowledge in the sports nutrition world and utilizing their flavor experience to develop a line of sports nutrition products. The team has tremendous respect for OUTDOORx and looks forward to continuing innovation in the future. We are thrilled to say that OUTDOORx’s products have launched and are currently in the marketplace.

Challenges & Innovative Solutions

A primary challenge during this project arose from a co-pack perspective and sourcing of ingredients that the Flavor Insights team helped to overcome. The team’s previous experience in the sports nutrition world helped as a new brand worked to enter the space. We knew where to push and when.


A Winning Partnership

“From helping to refine our initial concept to bringing our final product to market – the Flavor Insights team was there with us every step of the way, offering their expertise and guidance. They worked with us through round after round of product trials, pivots, and refinements, and ultimately helped us create a great-tasting and functional product that our customers love. The entire team is a joy to work with and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Flavor Insights to grow our business for years to come!”

— The OUTDOORx Team

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