UNDERSCORE USA, the world’s first military-native CPG company (celebrated for its Bravo Sierra personal care products), approached FI to collaborate on a pioneering functional energy line developed with and for active duty and veteran service members. Echelon came to Flavor Insights with a “blank sheet of paper” dream. It started with an idea to create a functional energy line of products that was then taken through a complete ideation workshop. Bravo wanted enhanced performance from the Echelon beverage and were open to the ingredient profile. The Flavor Insights team’s expertise touched each aspect of the project from the target nutritional information through taste, sweetening systems, and more. The iterative, hands on, collaborative process resulted in a unique product and distinct flavor profile. The Echelon team is excited to be launching soon.

Challenges & Innovative Solutions

The primary challenge this collaboration faced was working through the many obstacles COVD-19 placed on product development. Both teams had to quickly adapt to a decentralized way of creating and tasting. In addition, developing a unique energy drink in a saturated market was a consideration. The Echelon team’s steadfast and bullish approach brought a lot to the table. Along with their efficient consumer testing, both teams pushed each other to create what they hope to be a game changer. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to touch each aspect of this project from development, sourcing, co-packing, labeling, and more. We look forward to our ongoing development with the Bravo team.


A Winning Partnership

“We have been working with the Flavor Insights team for the past two years and our experience has been nothing but excellent. Their commitment to our company and to our product exceeds all of our expectations. Flavor Insights continues to be our MVP.”

— The Bravo Sierra Team

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